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  1. Plants
    The tillandsia in my viv was blooming a little while ago- I wanted to share some pictures . (There was a second flower too after that)
  2. Plants
    On average, how long does it take for air plants to "root" securely enough to remove any supports? I've had mine in the viv for a few months, and they still aren't secure without support.
  3. Plants
    I was thinking of getting a tillandsia biflora or Tillandsia venusta from ecuagenera , but I don't know how big they get. Can someone tell me how big they get or any care tips on these? If so thanks.
  4. Plants
    I finished planting my first production living wall model last night and wanted to share it here :). This is all a part of my green tech startup and my goal to bring something living to everyone's desk/work space. Miniature living walls don't really exist so I thought I'd create an easy way for...
1-5 of 23 Results