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  1. Plants
    I was thinking of getting a tillandsia biflora or Tillandsia venusta from ecuagenera , but I don't know how big they get. Can someone tell me how big they get or any care tips on these? If so thanks.
  2. Plants
    I finished planting my first production living wall model last night and wanted to share it here :). This is all a part of my green tech startup and my goal to bring something living to everyone's desk/work space. Miniature living walls don't really exist so I thought I'd create an easy way for...
  3. Vendor Deals
    We have a huge selection of Tillandsia for sale, and bundles available. Orders of 50.00 or more will receive an extra 10% discount. Unfortunately there are too many to list here, we have around 300 species available, not all of them are good for terrariums though. if you want something specific...