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  1. Vendor Deals
    Currently available Dart Frogs and Mantellas! Bumblebee Arrow Frogs $34.99 each Mint Terrible Arrow Frogs $59.99 each Zarayunga Anthonyi Arrow Frogs SALE PRICE $29.99 each! Available here! Cobalt Tinc Arrow Frogs $59.99 each Order here! Yellow Splashback Arrow Frogs ON SALE$39.99...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Is there any chance if mixing Phylobates or Tinctorius with Ranitomeya that the big boys will eat the little ones? I'm considering an exo terra 36x18x36 build, but wouldn't be worthwhile to just have tincs or terribilis in them for me. thanks in advance for input!
  3. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    I currently have three orange terribilis froglets in a plastic container and I am concerned about 2 of them as are considerably smaller (and very shy) than the third. I am thinking of moving them to their own smaller container (all three of them are in a 18x12" plastic bin container with plent...
  4. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Hello, just wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with low fertility in Phyllobates terribilis? I have a trio of orange 2.5 year old frogs, that are very healthy and breed regularly, but the eggs almost never start developing. They have previously produced healthy froglets, but in...
  5. Science & Conservation
    Read about it here: The Amphibian Avenger YOu can even give it a name if you have a few thousand dollars!:)
21-26 of 42 Results