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  1. Plants
    I'm looking for a viny terrestrial of some kind that is tolerant of non-organic matter, if such a thing even exists. This is the setting I'm trying to get it grow up, although it's not a perfectly up-to-date photograph: ^If you note the two castle pieces on the bottom, those are what I'm...
  2. Plants
    I am a teacher and set up a planted aquatic tank in my classroom. We also have a small Sawback Turtle in there so there is driftwood exposed above water. I need to create a natural barrier so the little guy can't climb up the log. At a local store, we found some plant ideas we'd like to use...
  3. Plants
    Just wondering what moss would be best for a floor of a newt tank. -java moss seems more for aquariums and not in a terrestrial setup -NeHerd moss? -Joshs frogs pillow or sheet moss? I really don't know which moss will thrive on a floor of a terrestrial tank? Any input would be great!
  4. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Finally got round to finishing my Exo Terra 24x18x18" today. For months it had been sitting around with a false floor, cork bark and foam corner piece and Epiweb walls, simply being a grow out tank for plants, no more! There is Epiweb moss mix on the walls, hopefully I get some good growth from...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    Will Tincs use the whole tank or are they just terrestrial?? Thanks. Gabe
1-5 of 5 Results