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  1. Plants
    I'm new-ish to the Tampa area, and am in the process of building a paludarium. I'm looking for a local place that sells a variety of aquatic/terrestrial plants that'll work in a vivarium, but I'm having a hard time. It seems like it's mostly Orchids, Bromeliads, or large plants for homes. I'm...
  2. SouthEast
    Hey guys I live in St. Pete and was wondering if you knew of any dart frog breeders in this area. I haven't been able to find anyone close to me yet (the closest person is 2.5 hours away) and thought I'd post here to maybe find others. There's a Repticon show in Tampa and one in New Port Richey...
  3. SouthEast
    Florida International Reptile Show Tampa Main Page Anybody going? I thought I was going but the opening weekend for Halloween Horror Nights has me occupied. Bill Schwinn will be vending as well as Under The Canopy/Jane Brown.