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  1. Beginner Discussion
    My eyes are blurry and I now know more than I ever thought I would about springtails and isopods. Please go easy on this newbie. If I missed this, it wasn’t for a lack of searching (just poor search terms I guess!). I understand that the consensus is to use the initial crew to establish a...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    So I have not kept dart frogs yet, but I've been culturing springtails for years. I've never really had a 'bust' situation. The colonies go on almost indefinitely if proved basic stuff like charcoal and water. I've seen videos of frogs eating springtails, and my research says they're OK for...
  3. Food & Feeding
    I'm going to start finally splitting my one massive springtail culture into a couple small ones, but is it better to feed them frequently with small portions, or infrequently with large portions?
  4. NorthEast
    Hey anyone know of a vendor that will have Dwarf White isos(or similarly sized) and springtail cultures at the upcoming Hamburg show? Thanks! Jessica
  5. Food & Feeding
    Hi i feed my Ranitomeya imitator a diet of springtails and fruitflies everywhere i look on the web it states that my thumbnails shouldn't be fed springtails exclusively for nutrient reasons. will my thumbnails be okay if i leave them be for 3-4 days with just the springtails that are culturing...
  6. Food & Feeding
    I have a tank that is empty of frogs and seeded with isopods and springtails. The past few days when I look inside the tank I see Isopods all over. I plan on receiving some Frogs from Blue Pumilio this week and I was curious if I should worry about there being to many full grown Isos in the...
  7. Food & Feeding
    Hey guys, I'm totally new to dart frogs. I currently keep two blue tongued skinks, and I have kept a cuban tree frog in the past. Understandably, I have never had to deal with any of the tiny little insects that dart frogs need, and know nothing about their nutrition. I was looking at Josh's...
  8. MidWest
    Anyone from the Cincinnati area have cultures for Isopods, springtails, bean beetles, and maybe drosophila? I'm getting my viv set up and I want to get stocking on the food now, but shipping in cold stinks, plus Josh's and other online suppliers are sold out. PM me or email [email protected]
  9. Food & Feeding
    I purchased a tropical springtail culture from Josh's frogs and it arrived last week. I dumped it into a larger container and added natural mesquite charcoal and an inch of water. I also added a bit of leaf litter on top. For food I put in some dry rice, but I am concerned that maybe I added...
1-9 of 13 Results