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  1. Beginner Discussion
    Hello All, I am raising my first tadpole and unfortunately think it has SLS. I have done a good amount of reading on the topic and could really use some advice and questions answered by the leaders of the board. First, it is said that SLS is usually caused by the parents husbandry. I have 3...
  2. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Hello everyone! Im trying to find out why one of my baby come out with SLS. It surprises me because in the same bromeliad, with the same conditions, 1 baby go out of wather without any problems, and the other… sls…. could i do something for improve? Or… is because specific animal problem...
  3. Tree frogs
    Hello, I'm new to Dendrobaord! (held the froglet just for better pictures) I have a newly froglet that I raised since a tadpole. The little fella has just surfaced and I noticed that it couldn't use its front legs. Both front legs are skinnier than the back legs as shown in the pictures. The...
  4. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    Hello, I’m new to the Dart Frog Community. I bought a setup a couple months ago that had one Dendrobates Auratus Green and Black and two Dendrobates Auratus highland bronze. (This was before I realized that mixing species, even subspecies was frowned upon) I bought the setup and group of frogs...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    So...90 days ago my Leucs gave me eggs. I have 2 froglets oow within this past week. They seem very weak and are not hopping around very much. Not moving a lot at all, and seem to be having difficulties. I have moved them to a small container w sphagnum moss, leaf litter and springs. How can I...
  6. Beginner Discussion
    I shall name it "Nemo" Does this look like a case of SLS? The froglet gets around fine and is a healthy eater, though it doesn't climb as well as its siblings.
1-6 of 6 Results