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  1. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I'm a beginner owner of pet frogs. I got 2 Australian dumpy White's tree frog 2months ago and noticed after 1 month of having them, 1 frog was noticeably larger than the other. So I tried my focus on the smaller one, and most forums said that if it doesn't eat for 1week, I don't need to be...
  2. Food & Feeding
    So I have 3 Leucs in a 45 x 45 x 60cm frog enclosure and two of them (probably females) have been growing fatter while the third (probably male) seems to be getting skinnier. I have tried feeding him on his own but he didn't really try eating and when he does is not very good at catching the...
  3. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Hi guys, I've got a really skinny powder blue a, the other 2 frogs look fine. I really concerned as he doesn't look good. Have you got any ways I could help put some weight on the froggo.
1-3 of 3 Results