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  1. West
    Bonnie (Verdant Vivariums) and Arman (Altas Exotics) are hosting an event at Verdant Vivarium's showroom and store. There will be some vendors as well as a chance to meet up, catch up, share surplus stuff, do froggo stuff, and just to hang out. It will also to provide a space for new enthusiasts...
  2. SouthWest
    Hello Fellow Frogers and Orchid Enthusiasts! Just wanted to remind you folks that this weekend the Fascination of Orchids show is happening at at the corner of Bear and Sunflower St. in Santa Ana (South Coast Metro) across the street from South Coast Plaza. Show Info
  3. West
    Hello my orchid & frog enthusiasts! The Newport Harbor Orchid Society is kicking off their annual orchid show at the Westminster Mall in Orange County, CA. It will be located in the Macy's wing of the mall and it is free. This years theme is Orchids: Jewels of the Jungle The show dates are...
  4. West
    Cascade Vivarium Builders will be displaying our custom glass habitats at the Portland Metro Reptile Expo August 13th and will be bringing any ordered customer tanks free of delivery charge. If you are planning on attending the show, or are otherwise in the area, and interested in our products...
  5. SouthWest
    Reptile Super Show: Next reptile show June 18-19, 2011 San Diego, Ca at the Concourse/ Civic Center Do to work I missed SCADS so this is what I have to look forward to. Who is going and what are you bringing?
  6. SouthEast
    There is an Ashland KY Reptile Expo exo this weekend on 5/6/2011. I have never been but my brother and I will be vending! We have a ton of plant clippings, poison dart frogs, juevs, a ton of tads and supplies. Come on down and see what all the excitement is about and come check and see what all...
  7. Regional Group & Event Announcements
    A Happy Holiday season to you all. It's official! Frog Day is back in NYC for 2011 and will be on Saturday May 14. Our goal is to have an even better show and sale than in 2007. Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to making Frog Day 2007 such a big success It is scheduled to take...
  8. NorthEast
    Hello Dendroboard! American Frog Day 2010 will be this spring. The venue has 7 Saturday dates available in April and May. The location will be in Staten Island (NYC), hopefully at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. I am interested in feedback from the "frog community." Please fill out the...
1-8 of 10 Results