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  1. Plants
    Persistent Myths about Planted Ripariums This thread is for the discussion of several ideas about planted ripariums that aren't really representative of how they work or the best ways to plan, assemble and maintain them. I plan to raise a nuber of points and then when there several I will start...
  2. Plants
    110 Native Wisconsin Riparium I have a start on a new setup that will go into a local museum and will showcase native Wisconsin stream fish. I don't have a lot of experience with native fish, but I have been out a few times sampling and I have some familiarity with keeping darters and similar...
  3. Plants
    Riparium How-To: High-Humidity Setups I am starting this thread with a semi-organized description of considerations and methods to have in mind when assembling a high-humidity riparium setup. This kind of tank is best for growing certain emersed aquatic plants that require very humid air. It is...
1-3 of 3 Results