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ranitomeya amazonica

  1. Ranitomeya
    Hello! I am a hobbyist since 2016 and I am looking for a new challenge (now keeping only Dendrobates and Phyllobates species). I am looking into buying 0.0.5 Ranitomeya amazonica ” French Guiana” and Ranitomeya benedicta ”Shucushuyacu” each, who are around 4 months OOTW. Any tips or tricks that...
  2. General Discussion
    I am currently in the process of choosing thumbnails for my 29 gallon setup (30x12x18). I have done a copious amount of research and have narrowed my list down to the Ranitomeya Amazonica “Red” and Ranitomeya Variabilis “Southern” or “Highland”. My two main criteria when picking out my next...
  3. Ranitomeya
    I remember back in the day when I was looking for a call from this species, I had trouble finding it. I thought I would do future people looking for a similar recording a favor by recording one of my males calling. Here you go:
  4. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    My exoterra 45x45x60cm with 4x26W exoterra lightening. I'm using epiweb for the floor and background, and xaxim on both sides. It's going to house 2.2 Ranitomeya amazonica "iquitos" at the end of the month. Cryptocoryne petchii "pink" Bulbophyllum miniatum Bulbophyllum...
  5. Ranitomeya amazonica

    Ranitomeya amazonica

    I like watching thes frogs
  6. Ranitomeya amazonica

    Ranitomeya amazonica

    Another one of my Breeders Still can not tell male from female and I can get kind of close.
  7. Ranitomeya amazonica froglet

    Ranitomeya amazonica froglet

    The dime is underneath