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  1. Plants
    I am currently trying to get my Zootrophion serpentinum established somewhere else, because I had the feeling the current place was a bit too dark + I was afraid the slugs might take a liking in it. Since I don't wanna put it into my other terrarium directly without quarantining it first in case...
  2. Plants
    Recently purchased a vivarium with plants, and I don’t know what kind they are! Also, what happened to the fern? Did they dry out? :’( Mystery plant has a sort of “wing” like appearance. It has darker veins, has hairs on the leaves, orange-ish root like hairs where the leaf meets the stem, &...
  3. Plants
    I have a Zootrophion serpentinum growing in my terrarium and was wondering if I can just propagate it by taking cuttings and putting them in a high humidity area on sphagnum moss. Sadly I couldn't find any information online. Does anyone here have experience with this?
  4. Plants
    Okay, kids: because we all seem to dig begonias, Judy asked me to do a begonia care sheet. So here goes, adapted from three of my other posts: Begonias (Begoniaceae) are conventionally grouped into eight horticultural categories: 1) semperflorens hort. 2) shrub (polloiensis, bipinnatifida...
1-4 of 4 Results