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  1. Parts & Construction
    I'm getting ready to set up a growout tank in a translucent plastic bin, as that's what I've seen many use. Query - I plan on including plants in the tank, but if a light is placed on top of the translucent lid will the lid prevent the light from sufficiently reaching the plants? Maybe just...
  2. Plants
    (Crossposted.) Leave it to me to successfully mount bromeliads to the background on my first go (roots are coming out and digging into the cork), but I can't get a dang pothos to grow! This is in the viv I'm building for my auratus, so luckily there's no time crunch. I planted a golden pothos...
  3. Identification Forum
    Hi! Would anyone be able to identify this plant. Closest I got to identifying it is the genus, and that's just guessing (thanks to Wikipedia). I think its a Pothos sp. Just don't know the specie. Got it from ******, Philippines. Thanks!
1-3 of 10 Results