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  1. Plants
    On average, how long does it take for air plants to "root" securely enough to remove any supports? I've had mine in the viv for a few months, and they still aren't secure without support.
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Hey guys, I got my first ever mushroom to pop in my vivarium, I'm really stoked about it. I wonder what species it is, if any of you know feel free to comment.
  3. Plants
    So I’ve looked around on some previous posts by others and from what ive seen calathea plants seem to be frog safe (havent actually seen anywhere say that specifically though) and the only issue people seem to have with them is the size, since some can get quite big. My question is this: is it...
  4. Plants
    does anyone know of any plants that are good for covering vivarium floors with minimum trimming/training? i want something to make the viv look more green. i was thinking of sheet moss, but i won’t be able to keep up moisture in the soil that it needs. any suggestions?
  5. Plants
    Hey! My Monolena sp. Red has been blooming like crazy recently. I assume the image is showing the genesis of its seeds. Does anyone know if these are easy to harvest and grow out?
  6. Parts & Construction
    I'm getting ready to set up a growout tank in a translucent plastic bin, as that's what I've seen many use. Query - I plan on including plants in the tank, but if a light is placed on top of the translucent lid will the lid prevent the light from sufficiently reaching the plants? Maybe just...
  7. Plants
    I’m very confused on how to plant marcgravia rectiflora in my PDF tank. It already has roots and is not just cuttings but more of a small plant. I’ve read some things saying leave it on some sphagnum moss and let it root itself. But also the store I ordered from which is one of the larger if not...
  8. Beginner Discussion
    I’m new to dart frogs. I’m cycling a tank for a couple months so I can make sure I’ve got the temp and humidity going as well as my cleanup crew. I have a tank with a false bottom. It’s an exoterra about the size of a 40 gallon breeder tank. I have ABG mix substrate and it’s fully planted...
  9. Identification Forum
    I’m wrapping up a 10 day trip to Costa Rica. As any of us would, I took tons of photos of aroids, ferns, orchids, terrestrials, and more. I would love to identify a few of at least the families to see if I can acquire anything for my terrarium. How do you begin with identifying an unknown...
  10. Plants
    I saw some orchids while I was shopping for plants last night that were very small and very beautiful. I didn't buy any because I have heard orchid care is really hard. Also, the tag on the plant said something like "I need 1 ice cube a week" so I thought maybe they couldn't handle a humid...
  11. Beginner Discussion
    For those of that run a fluval light.. what setting do you guys use? Or what % are you running for each color on a custom setting? Just set mine up for my 36x18x18. F
  12. Plants
    Hi, I'm building an 18x18x24 ExoTerra for hopefully 2-4 Ranitomeya species and working on filing in the hardscape. I want to make sure I have a lot of foliage and hiding spots, knowing these species are not often on the ground. I'll be allowing the plants to grow in for several months before...
  13. Plants
    The month-long plant quarantine is finally over but I’m a having a few issues and wanted to make sure everything was good to go before going forward with the build. These are my plants 1) Both my neoregelia bromeliads have some old dried up leaves, should I wait for these to fall off on their...
  14. Plants
    Hello, I am getting a 20 gal high tank and are thinking of putting a tinc pair in there. I like the look of the more heavy planted tanks but don't want to over do it. I was thinking of 3 Bromeliads, 2 trailing plants, 2 ferns, and 6 terrestrials. Is it going to be too much? Thanks!
  15. Plants
    Does anyone have any suggestions for the best dart frog plant pack on any websites that would include some broms? I've been looking on a lot of websites and eBay but just not sure which one to get and what would be best for my tank. If anyone has any suggestions for which one I should get, I'm...
  16. Parts & Construction
    Hi All, This is my first post as I am new to your community. I have read tons of posts and spent hours going down the internet rabbit hole that is vivarium lighting. I am currently working on a new pallarium build in an old 29 gallon high tank (24 "x 12" x 16") I had lying around the garage...
  17. New Members Introductions
    Currently working on a ~110-gallon tall aquarium 48x18x32 (Oceanic). You all have been so helpful in figuring out this hobby, thank you. I'm using 2 LED shop lights at 5000K and have roughly 70 percent glass top to 30 percent screen and will be getting 2 small computer fans to help with...
  18. Plants
    Hey, just want to say when I post this I can’t get a photo in because I’m building my bed. But anyways I left my house for a couple of hours today and my fireball is a little grey under the leaves. I didn’t have time to spray it because I was in a rush. Now you may be wondering, oh shouldn’t it...
  19. Plants
    Hello! I am new to this forum and therefor learning how to use it. some info - i started in the aquascaping hobby, breeding shrimp and fish sp., i loved growing the aquatic plants, which lead to collecting houseplants, that led to collecting more rare and wallet breaking plants, and then i...
1-19 of 140 Results