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    I am scaping a tank thats 2' long x 1' wide x 8" tall. It's an open air tank that has a water section. Looking for ground cover plants that I can use? Would like not to use moss if possible. Was looking into hydrocotyle sibthorpioides and hemianthus callitrichoides but although this soil is very...
  2. Plants
    So I'm building my 6-year-old crested gecko a vivarium this summer, after finding success using a vivarium for a trio of pd tincs and I'm wondering what orchids and mosses would thrive in those conditions, any other plant suggestions are welcome to, also can I use marcgravia in those conditions...
  3. Plants
    Can someone tell me of a good high plant I can but for some tree frogs in my exo terra 36x18x36.
  4. Plants
    Hey peeps, so a couple week ago I went to a local nursery and snagged up a bunch of terrarium/miniature plants they had. most of them I was able to ID, but I've attached a few that I'm not entirely familiar with (and, more importantly, if they are vivarium safe!). The following link is a...
  5. Plants
    Had a few random plants pop up, was hoping to get a better idea of what they may be even though they're still small. This one popped up in some sphag moss, was intrigued by the white look of the cotyledon leaves.. I know it's probably too early to tell what it is. Was thinking this is...
  6. Plants
    I was once told at a plant nursery that all ferns are mountable on hardscape if given enough water. Have any of you found this true or not true?
  7. Plants
    Hey friends! Been a long time since I've been here. Life can take you to crazy places. In recent years I've scaled back my collection, but kept two tanks. One of which I built in 2009. Sadly the last leuc I had just passed away (he was almost 10 years old!) This tank has been growing steadily...
  8. Plants
    I see that live oak is probably the most recommended leaf litter, but I was under the impression that oak tannins would kill plants. I know this is true around where I live - nothing grows where oak leaves are. Why isn't this the case in vivariums? Sorry if this has already been answered, by...
  9. Plants
    I'm usually pretty go about not impulse buying anything.. but yesterday I saw an Alocasia (no breed/sub species within the family name given- Label just says "Alocasia Alocasia") that looked very healthy... so I grabbed it >.>'' Now if I can get help IDing it.. we'll see how much buyers remorse...
  10. Plants
    Hi everyone! I am looking at starting my first Mint Terribilis vivarium, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Lily of the Valley plant in or out of the vivarium? The care sheets I've read suggest it would do alright, but I'd rather hear the testimonies of others before I...
  11. Beginner Discussion
    I have been building a 24"x18"x12" tank for some months now. It's currently growing out before I add frogs but there is a flat area in the middle that is only about an inch of soil above a filter foam drop off. This area is constantly moist but never sopping. I currently have Azolla Caroliniana...
  12. Plants
    I have a 40-gal breeder set up as a planted, turtle tank. There is about 22-25 gal of water in the tank. I have a 5lb CO2 tank with solenoid and pH regulator hooked up to a diffuser in one corner of the tank. In the opposite corner, I have a CO2 drop checker. I just cleared up an issue with my...
  13. Plants
    I have a Heartleaf Plant, Philodendron scandens, but its not growing. Its odd because its not dying either just seems to be there not growing or dying. Been where it is now since 2 march 2014. Substrate is a mix of spaghnam moss, orchid bark and peat moss. I use frog friendly fertiliser every 2...
  14. Plants
    I recently went on vacation for a few weeks and when I came back I had an over abundance of this white fungus mold looking stuff stuck all over my center piece of drift wood. Does anyone know what this is. Could it be a byproduct of the over abundance of mushrooms that have been springing up?
  15. Beginner Discussion
    Can anyone tell me how to do cutting for my plants. I'm new to vivarium keeping and want to spend less money on plant purchases. A general "how to" thread would be great. Also, what species of moss is suitable for a dart frog vivarium?
  16. Plants
    This neat little guy grew from seed right out of the sheath of some brom leaves! Hard to see in the pic but it has tiny cream colored flowers along the stems. Any ideas?
  17. Plants
    I want to put a peperomia plant in my viv for 3 azureus and want wondering what is a good species of peperomia to put in the viv and where ot buy it??
  18. Plants
    i was recently looking around in dendroboard about mosses and found out that it can be ok to get outside moss and plant in a vivarium as long as you sterilize it by drying it and CO2 bombing it. they're is a creek by my house with tons of patches of moss and decided to get samples of them. the...
  19. MidWest
    I am looking for a dart frog and plant store in the chicago area. I am a bit south west of chicago near naperville. I would like a store to go into and actually look at it if at all possible but I know of nothing.
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