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plant lighting
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  1. Tree frogs
    Hi! I'm designing my first vivarium to set up for a couple dumpy tree frogs and was wondering if placing my grow light on the side of the tank was acceptable. This grow light is actually a Finnex Planted+24/7 that I used for an old tank of mine. It is too long to go on the top of my tank, so I...
  2. Parts & Construction
    My wife and I are at a disagreement on a tank build. It is my belief that if we were to use an exoterra tank for a dart frog build, and we leave the top the way it is with screen, it will dry out way too fast and be problematic for the plants as well as the frogs. I saw that hey have replacement...
  3. Plants
    The term is a little silly-sounding, so I'll explain what I mean. What I mean is a fairly large enclosure or tank that isn't intended as a display tank and thus isn't constrained by the need to be aesthetically pleasing. It's just a storage place for plants you have that you may one day put in...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    I've been shopping around for a good light for the tank (20H maybe 40B) I am planning to build this summer for some Auratus. I just came across this light after doing some research on here and it seems to fit the proper criteria for proper plant growth and coloration. Just wanted to get a...
  5. Parts & Construction
    So I am finishing up my vivarium and am now getting ready to plant and have proper lighting. Will 2 of the 15W 14" Grow and Glow bulbs be enough for my 40 gallon breeder?!?!? Thanks to all who look and or respond!
  6. Parts & Construction
    Hello everyone, I have been reading many threads about lighting and still need some advice . I am building a 40 gallon breeder vivarium with a 3 inch false bottom. So with substrate we are looking at 13 inches of depth. From everyone's experience what would be the best lighting for plant...
  7. Plants
    I have asked several different people now what a good lighting would be to keep my bromeliads colored up and everything growing. I have gotten a few different answers. so I thought I would post this question on here to get as much info as I can get my hands on. Below are a few auctions on ebay I...
  8. Parts & Construction
    Is there a way to calculate how much brighter a T-5 is than a comparable T-8? For example, a 22" 14 W T-5 vs. a 24" 20W T-8? I ask because I am curious if a double strip with two T-5s might actually be too bright for plants mounted up near the strip (not Neos, of course :-) Thanks.
1-8 of 8 Results