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  1. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hi there! I have been working on this corner viv in the past year almost and now it's finally planted despite all the troubles i encountered along the way (including the front bottom glass cracked :mad: ). I made my own LED DIY lighting, with Cree xm-l's and some red and blue diodes. It is a...
  2. Oophaga
    Not the best pictures but a few of my new Guapiles. As already stated they appear to be a fairly uniform blue jeans from this locale. Looking forward to other pictures popping up.
  3. Oophaga
    Starting a thread for anyone who ordered their CR frogs and have gotten them from Patrick. Interested in seeing pictures of what everyone got and the different variability. Ill be posting mine soon!
  4. The Lounge
    Is anyone else on instagram? I know I post a whole lot more pictures on there than I do on here. If anyone else posts a lot of frog pics on thier instagram and would like to share, please put your username here. Mine is edalessio42.
  5. General Discussion
    So, I will be getting some Seis Amigos from <redacted, Catfur> soon but I thought while he gets pictures taken and organizes everything I might see some of the recent Siquirres he has sold. I know they are a different locale than the Seis Amigos but as they are similar it would be interesting to...
  6. The Lounge
    Now that football is here , I was hoping to start a pic heavy thread where members could post pics of frogs that display team colors. Ie white and orange sylvatica is like bears away uniforms.
  7. Feedback, Help Desk & Questions
    I have noticed when I post pictures on here I am posting them as big as they are allowed to be but for some reason my pictures are really small compared to the other pictures people are posting. Is there something I can do differently.