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    Just thought I would show them off. Just got three new ones to go with my female. Already seeing some courting :D
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    Is anyone else on instagram? I know I post a whole lot more pictures on there than I do on here. If anyone else posts a lot of frog pics on thier instagram and would like to share, please put your username here. Mine is edalessio42.
  3. General Discussion
    So, I will be getting some Seis Amigos from <redacted, Catfur> soon but I thought while he gets pictures taken and organizes everything I might see some of the recent Siquirres he has sold. I know they are a different locale than the Seis Amigos but as they are similar it would be interesting to...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    After only a day of building this, I'm sure there are a lot of mistakes I made, so feel free to comment on what I did wrong. :) (There is a Vittatus pair in it from Phyllobates.)