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  1. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hello all, I've recently just joined but have been lurking for quite a few months while doing my first viv build. I just got 3x blackfoot froglets a couple weeks ago and they are fantastic! Super bold and funny, and don't care about me being around at all. I've learnt quite a bit, and while...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    New to the forum, first post, so pardon me if this is the wrong area. I recently obtained this adult yellow phyllobates from a pet store, and noticed it has a sort of divot towards its tail end. I asked a keeper that’s local to me if that’s normal, and although he didn’t provide an answer, he...
  3. IMG_0018.jpg

    P. terribilis 'Blackfoot Orange' -- adult females during a serious contest over hierarchy after being moved to a new vivarium. They calm down inside of a day but must be watched to ensure no animal is bullied for too long.
  4. Beginner Discussion
    38x18x18 for Phyllobates Terribilis Plants: Pholodendron Brandtianum Philodendron Grazielae Epipremnum pinnatum ‘cebu blue’ Marcgravia red umbellata Marcgravia ovate bronze Marcgravia morona santiago copper Marcgravia rectiflora Cissus amazonica Peperomia emarginella ‘old form’ ...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    Hello Dendroboard, I just made my account here very recently for the purpose of reaching out to seasoned hobbyists and experts who could lead me in the right direction. I have had my two P. terribilis "orange blackfoot" for approximately 2 years now, and I got both of them at a very young age...
  6. New Members Introductions
    Hey all, im currently building my first viv. It is a 36x18x18 exo-terra. Im leaning toward Mint Terribilis but also have a couple morps of Auratus I wouldnt mind going with as well. Which species do you think would be best suited for this sized enclosure as well as a first time keeper? Im a...
  7. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Hello, I wanted to post a video I made about my frog's recovery from foot rot (or pododermatitis). I treated with SSD for 10 days after making a couple husbandry changes and the wound healed and her toes even grew back (something I was not expecting). Back in May when she first showed...
  8. General Discussion
    Currently, I'm feeding my phyllobates terribilis fruit flies and I ordered some red flour beetles. I'm wondering what's the largest prey that terribilis has been recorded to take down. Some ideas that I have are buffalo beetles and Kenyan roaches, which neither should grow past 1 cm. This might...
  9. Parts & Construction
    Just completed everything in The Rainforest Exhibit and I put the Golden Poison Frogs "Orange Morph"(Phyllobates terriblis) in it about 2 weeks ago! It is absolutely STUNNING! Just had Ted Judy from Custom Aquariums come over about a week or so ago, and he said he hasn't seen anything like...
  10. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Our Yellows and Mints
  11. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    So I've been a member here on Dendroboard for a while and have been a dart frog enthusiast for years. This is my first post, however, although not my first vivarium. I moved to Portland, Oregon from Houston, Texas a year and a half ago, and have regularly attended shows across Texas and now in...
  12. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Just thought I would show them off. Just got three new ones to go with my female. Already seeing some courting :D
  13. Beginner Discussion
    I have heard of people keeping Ranitomeya ventrimaculata with tincs but can you keep them with Phyllobates terribilis? Thanks
  14. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Just saw my Phyllobates terribilis today and had blue/green spots on it! Could you advise please? Thanks
  15. Food & Feeding
    My male female pair have been fine then suddenly the male (I think, bought them as a pair and he is smaller and calls with a black throat) suddenly became thin. Have separated him into a smaller tub so he can get flies without being bullied. Can anyone offer advice thanks
  16. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    This is my new Phyllobates terribilis 'Yellow' tank update. Just wondering if you guys could offer any input into how to make it better. Thanks!! Photo album link: The new Terrarium 30 sept 2012 pictures by deadsea60 - Photobucket Pics:
  17. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    I have a male and female pair of Phyllobates terribilis. I have the terrarium fully planted with cocnut hides with petri dishes. I give them food everyday and have a mister set for twice a day. But no calling! Any suggestions? Thanks
  18. General Health & Disease Treatment
    My auzereus was fine one day and the next he was weak and couldnt move, tried putting food in front of him didn't want it and died later that day. The other day my one of my Phyllobates terribilis sort of did the same thing but seems to be recovering. Im not sure what is happening!! All...
1-18 of 24 Results