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  1. General Discussion
    Hello all, I have found a few of what I suspect to be nemerteans in my largest viv. 36x36x18 Apx Four Y/o. I am trying to decide if this is a flatworm, nemertian, or a type of slug. (Photos attached). I suspected that I had slugs because some of my plants are being eaten. However, I have been...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey All, So I recently acquired a ton of new plants, some generously gifted by a fellow hobbyist, a few from the local garden center, and a couple that I collected. I've been treating any acquisitions that are going into my vivarium with dilute bleach, but I also have a quarantine/grow out tank...
  3. Mealybugs

    Removal techniques for citrus mealybugs in the vivarium
  4. Mealybugs

    Removal techniques for citrus mealybugs in the vivarium
  5. Long-tailed Mealybugs

    Adult female with crawler nymphs
  6. Citrus mealybug

    Adult female citrus mealybug
  7. Beginner Discussion
    Sadly I recently lost two of my dart frogs that had been living together for a while. I had a four year old D. tinctorius matecho and a citronella that was around a year old. Both were doing really well and suddenly dropped dead. My matecho around a month ago and my citronella just a week...
  8. Beginner Discussion
    I have in my terrarium what can only be drain flies. I have seen these before in and around restrooms etc. and a pest control person has pointed these out to me in the past as drain flies. Regarding the ones in my terrarium, what causes them, how do I get rid of them/do I have to get rid of...
  9. Identification Forum
    I have been seeing these in my retf viv for the last month or two (assuming I attached the picture right). They kind of look like small pink millipedes to me. They are probably a centimeter or less in length. I'm not noticing any damage to the leaves of most of the plants....but I did have to...
1-9 of 9 Results