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  1. Tree frogs
    Todays been a little slow on the forum so I figured I would share my new T. pictum paludarium. The background is black window film (on the back) The land is a box made of egg crate (expensive light defuser) wrapped in fine mesh window screen with holes cut out for 5" net pots. The pots are...
  2. Plants
    I want to try my hand in growing some orchids in my soon to be cinnamon frog paludarium, so how wet is it you ask? well its pretty wet but the background stays dry and doesn't wick water to the outside surface. But in the morning the front of the tank is so covered in condensation that you cant...
  3. New Members Introductions
    Hi I’m new to this forum and have questions. I own a insitu Amazonia and I made it have 3 drip walls….I would like all walls with moss and the drip wall going 24/7 into a bottom that would be moss as well. Which moss would you recommend? The moss would not be under water but it would be...
  4. Parts & Construction
    These are some progress shots of a 40 gallon viv I'm building. It was originally intended for D. Auratus but I went a little crazy with the water section. It's 2" at the deepest and has a very gentle slope into the water, most of my darts would be able to sit about 4 inches off the land and...
  5. General Discussion
    Hello I've had my paludarium set up for almost a year. It's in a 30 gallon breeder and I've been trying to think of some type of frog to put in there and I don't know what I can put in there. Any suggestions would be nice, I'll post a picture of it later when I get home.
  6. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hey Guys - I've been a Dendrobard forum stalker for a few months:cool: Just finished my 2nd attempt at making a mini jungle and figured I'd post some pics of the process! I let it grow in a little it and currently only have 2 Phyllobates Bicolors living like kings. Hopefully a King and Queen...
1-6 of 7 Results