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  1. Other Amphibians
    hello! i’ve been thinking about getting some new frogs for a while now, and i had a couple questions to help narrow down my final pick. hopefully someone can help me on here 👍 i’ve researched a lot of different frogs, specifically tree frogs, that id like to purchase. i’ve mainly looked into...
  2. Other Amphibians
    Almost done setting up a bioactive enclosure with these dimensions. Didn't have a specific animal in mind when I was making it. The 18" height limits my options for tree frogs, but they are my favorite. Any ideas for some interesting frogs (or other amphibians/reptiles) that could thrive in a...
  3. Tree frogs
    Hello! This past June I collected 10 Spring Peeper eggs from a man-made pond. The pond is typically filled with chemicals every so often, killing everything that is in it, thus I decided to try and raise some of the eggs. I am an elementary school teacher but also have a great love for...
1-3 of 3 Results