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  1. Plants
    I am currently trying to get my Zootrophion serpentinum established somewhere else, because I had the feeling the current place was a bit too dark + I was afraid the slugs might take a liking in it. Since I don't wanna put it into my other terrarium directly without quarantining it first in case...
  2. Plants
    I have a Zootrophion serpentinum growing in my terrarium and was wondering if I can just propagate it by taking cuttings and putting them in a high humidity area on sphagnum moss. Sadly I couldn't find any information online. Does anyone here have experience with this?
  3. Psygmorchis pusilla

    Fast growing "twig orchids" which can be abundant in high light levels, and is often found on guava tree twigs in pastures. This one was growing on a palm frond base and is probably about one year old. The fan of leaves might reach about 4" across in a large plant.
  4. Psygmorchis pusilla

    Another view of this hardy dwarf orchid. On suitable host trees, there may be dozens or even hundreds of Psygmorchis plants.
  5. Orchid sp-unknown genus

    I've run into these just a few times in Peru - the leaves are fleshy and the flowers are waxy, fragrant and long-lasting. This species appears to like drier and brighter conditions.
  6. Orchid sp-unknown genus

    A closer look at the attractive flowers of this species (if anyone can put an ID on it, please let me know!)
  7. Brassia cf. verrucosa

    Brassia cf. verrucosa - these orchids bloom frequently and like higher light levels with a bit of light shade. They are common around clearings and plants from branch and tree-falls can be placed at eye level and quickly attach.
  8. Brassia cf. verrucosa

    A closer view of the Brassia cf. verrucosa flower
  9. Epidendrum cf. nocturnum

    A very common Epidendrum in the Peruvian Amazon and one that does well in higher light situations (but with some light shade). Plants will want to be mounted (not potted) and should be allowed to dry out between waterings/misting.
  10. Plants
    I’ve been struggling with my bromeliads and other plants (except the moss) in my paludarium, I’m new to this so unsure exactly what my problem is, it’s been over 2 months since setting up and most the bromeliads have little to no root growth, at the start I was getting some great root growth...
  11. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    The Nauvoo (Est. June 23rd, 2021) Side Note: Open images in a new tab for greater detail. Hardware Exo Terra Tree Frog Terrarium - Advanced Amphibian Habitat (18" X 18" X 24") - Enclosure Fluval Evo 13.5 Stock Lighting (Fixed to White Setting - Defect?) - Lighting VELIMAX Static Cling Black...
  12. Plants
    I saw some orchids while I was shopping for plants last night that were very small and very beautiful. I didn't buy any because I have heard orchid care is really hard. Also, the tag on the plant said something like "I need 1 ice cube a week" so I thought maybe they couldn't handle a humid...
  13. Plants
    Hey guys i'm researching a greenhouse to grow some orchids, bromeliads, and other vivarium plants in. I live in southern California (about an hour north of Andy's orchids). The area I want to put it in has a wall on the south side directly touching the greenhouse, there will also be structures...
  14. Plants
    So I'm building my 6-year-old crested gecko a vivarium this summer, after finding success using a vivarium for a trio of pd tincs and I'm wondering what orchids and mosses would thrive in those conditions, any other plant suggestions are welcome to, also can I use marcgravia in those conditions...
  15. Beginner Discussion
    I am new to this and I am looking for a little guidance on building my first viv. I have been reading up on this for a month now, and I finally feel like I am beginning to grasp what is required for a nice viv. FYI, I am still a good distance away from starting this. It will be 24x18x24. It...
  16. Plants
    I've been picking plants for my upcoming 20 vert, and what I'd really like to put in there is an assortment of Central/South American orchids, a couple of neoregelia broms and some ground cover. However, I know little about taking care of orchids. What do I need to know? What species would do...
1-16 of 44 Results