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  1. Plants
    I see that live oak is probably the most recommended leaf litter, but I was under the impression that oak tannins would kill plants. I know this is true around where I live - nothing grows where oak leaves are. Why isn't this the case in vivariums? Sorry if this has already been answered, by...
  2. live oak leaves

    live oak leaves

  3. laurel oak leaves

    laurel oak leaves

  4. gallon bagged oak leaves

    gallon bagged oak leaves

  5. Parts & Construction
    Hey everyone, I posted this question in my pre hex build thread but wanted to ask in a separate thread to make it easier for others to find later. I want to purchase a piece of driftwood from an ebay seller who often sells cedar which I have learned is a no no. This piece however, he promises...
  6. Beginner Discussion
    I am looking for propping options for a vivarium build I am starting, and a recent wind storm has made some nice oak branches available. I tried looking for a thread or comment about using oak as a prop, but was unable to find anything on the boards. I have heard of some people using oak leaves...