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  1. Parts & Construction
    I have been getting a lot of mixed info on all of the lighting stuff, but the main goal is to get some nice color on some small neorgelia species. The color doesn’t have to be a ton, only enought to get some basic reds and purples. Here is a light that I was looking at, it would be in a fixture...
  2. Parts & Construction
    Hello, I currently have a 5000k light and plan on getting bromeliads. I want a good light to get nice colors, so I planned on upgrading to a 6500k LED bulb. As of right now the 5000k looks a good white color, so Im wondering if 6500k would look too blue. everyone says that neorgelias need 6500k...
  3. Plants
    Hello, I was looking at putting some broms in my display tank to color it up and make it look nicer. It is my first build, so it is a pretty small tank so I can get a feel of how to make it. It measures 20x10x12, and I was wondering how many small broms I could place in it. I was thinking 2, and...
1-3 of 3 Results