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  1. Plants
    I wasn't able to find if this had ever been shown specifically not to work, but I don't think I've seen anyone post about it. I put a cutting of Philo. scandens in an old, very large hardware store-bought bromeliad several days ago, and I was surprised to find that it hasn't withered yet. I...
  2. Plants
    I am planning to build a Peru biotope tank that houses 2 imitators. I have already found some nice ferns orchids and creepers that grow in Peru. But so far the only bromeliad that I found is the neoregelia tarapotensis. I wonder if you guys can help me find some more bromeliads that grow in...
  3. General Discussion
    Does any one know what what type of par levels are necessary to color up bromeliads? I couldn't find anything with numbers in a search so sorry if this is already out there. Thanks!
  4. Plants
    Hello, Is there anyone near Cleveland that has small to miniature sized neos for sale? I live in Medina, pretty close to Cleveland. I am looking for some small species similar to Gene McKenzie in size, I have that already and like it. So something that matures around 4" tall and wide would be...