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  1. Beginner Discussion
    Hey guys, I got my first ever mushroom to pop in my vivarium, I'm really stoked about it. I wonder what species it is, if any of you know feel free to comment.
  2. Plants
    Hello everyone, I have a created gecko vivarium and noticed a few mushrooms pop up in the past. I know that this is normal but the whole drainage has been taken over. What should I do? All of the drainage was originally brown btw
  3. General Discussion
    I have the white fungus on my driftwood in my terrarium that is nearly a month old. I've learned it's not harmful and will eventually go away. But now I have what looks like white mushrooms or something growing on the driftwood too. Does anyone know what it is? I want to get some dart frogs soon...
  4. Parts & Construction
    Hi everyone, thought I'd share with you something I just finished for the custom build I've just finished. I've seen some projects for using polymer clay to make little decorative mushrooms to go in the terrarium, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on whether polymer clay is actually safe...
1-4 of 5 Results