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  1. Plants
    I have been trying to mount a Bromeliad using tooth picks until the roots take hold but with the awkward shape I'm running into trouble. I plan on using super glue/krazy glue to hold it in place until the roots take hold. Since I have never done this before I was wondering how long this takes...
  2. Parts & Construction
    I need some suggestions, strategies, and ideas of how I can mount, attach film canisters in this tank. The walls are a very thin layer of silicone/peat and the rest you see is just cork bark of course. -I was thinking that I could scrape off a suction cup sized portion on the walls to attach...
  3. Plants
    Hi, so I am looking to mount some bromeliads to the back of my tank which has a cork background. From what I've heard, silicone is the best way to do this. The only thing I'm worried about is the fumes while it's curing. I already have two leucs that live in there. Any suggestions? Thanks Kyle
  4. Parts & Construction
    So, we bought this 24"W x 18"Dx 36"H Exo Terra tank a little while back. The plan all along was Tree fern root background with driftwood "braches" jutting out to mount small and medium broms onto. Well, we found such a spectacular single peice of driftwood (so large we had to trim several...
  5. Plants
    i just bought some new plants they are so cool i don't want to kill them lol. i had good luck mounting three Bulbophyllum but i kill my last Tillandsia. these are the plants i bought Ionantha 'fuego' Ionantha X Stricta Tillandsia Tectorum Tillandsia Tenuifolia 'Amethyst Begonia Boweri...
1-5 of 5 Results