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  1. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hi all, enjoy pictures of my beautiful group of 0.0.3 Leucs and their enclosure. My main aim with this build was to maximise usable space/surfaces, minimise negative space, and increase hiding spots in imitation of what I understand to be Leucomelas’s natural habitat. This consisted of a...
  2. Plants
    hello everyone, I got this monstera Thai con recently and I noticed the new leaf shooting out is starting to yellow for some reason! I actually took the plant out a few weeks ago because I thought.. (continued below photo) that plant had root rot (It didn't) and I totally forgot to water it...
  3. Plants
    Whats up, guys, So I just ordered like 12 plants (10 anthuriums and 2 philos) from ecuagenera and im so excited bc this is my first time growing aroids out side of a terrarium. I've heard the plants ship in their pots and if so I want to see if I can meet the care requirements necessary I live...
1-3 of 3 Results