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  1. Tree frogs
    I just purchased a springtail culture from a lady on offer up, and upon further inspection of the culture I found it contains mites. From what I’ve seen on YouTube tutorials, I’ve heard mites can be a serious issue and very hard to deal with. I was wondering if you guys knew how I can tell if my...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    The vivarium has been set up for a few months but there are no frogs yet. Tonight when I was staring into it after work, as one does, I noticed these little clear/tan bugs running around on some plants? Look like mites to me, so I guess I just want to know if they’re bad and if there’s anything...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi, I made 2 custom built terrariums and within 3 weeks I seem to now have mites all over the top and bottom of the terrariums on the outside and barely see any inside.. they have spread to the next terrarium and have spread to on my spray bottle this morning.. I’ve had people tell me they are...
  4. Food & Feeding
    New dart frog owner here! So recently I’ve noticed about 15-20 mites crawling in my frogs enclosure and inspected the culture I was using (wow they’re were a few in there) I guess this a learning experience and I definitely shouldn’t have kept the culture as long as I did, but long story short...
  5. Tree frogs
    Hi, so im new to having a frog and after doing a buch of research i finally got one. there're a whites tree frog. ive had them for about a month but hes still small about one 1/2 inches. i gave him a few mealworms today and i noticed some tiny grey mite looking things on top of the sponge i have...
  6. Food & Feeding
    I have heard of people doing this what’s your thoughts on dusting flies with a FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth when making a new culture to kill any hitch hiking mites.
  7. Plants ^video of them in action I've had some issues with plant death in my (non-frogged, yet) vivarium and noticed some mites on the glass, didn't think much of it based on the (many) threads I've looked at on the topic... but then I saw these guys that...
  8. Food & Feeding
    My isopod cultures (which contain springtails) have mites! At least I think they’re mites. They’re these tiny, white, round dots about the size of a period/fleck of glitter and move slowly. At first, I thought they might be baby springtails, but they move much more slowly than springtails and...
  9. New Members Introductions
    Hey Guys, On my way to getting Varaderos in a few weeks. Beginner question- how common are mites? Do I need to be very concerned about them, I know I can use bug blade around the fruit fly cultures, any other precautions I should definitely use? Thanks, Christina
  10. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Just cleaned out three pacman containers because they suddenly had what i believe were springtails everywhere. I have a springtail culture in a shoebox, and springtails came in the vivarium with a waterfall that i got containing three firebellies several months ago. Am not sure how the...
  11. Food & Feeding
    Hi I have been reeding a lot of post regarding this subject, but there is still somthing I don't understand. I hope you can shed some light on this issue. "Anti-mite" paper, or DE powder, is used to block wandering mites on their way from one culture to the other. That part of the story is...
  12. Beginner Discussion
    Okay, Ive seen many posts on mites and how people hate them, "kill them all!" but, not so much on why. I bought a couple fly cultures, poured them to the calcium dusted bowls, noticed after pouring the majority of the flies from the bowl, the "calcium dust" was vibrating. Tiny little legs...
  13. Food & Feeding
    Will storing the fish flakes and dog food in the freezer kill/prevent mites from being added to my cultures? Thanks :)
  14. Beginner Discussion
    I just moved some of the substrate in my quarantine tank aside and found it full of very very little white bugs. They are too small to be springtails so my next guess would be mites :( . If they are mites any ideas on how I can get rid of them without harming the plants? Thanks
  15. Food & Feeding
    i got tired of buying the fruit flies cause they're pretty expensive and what not so ive been trying to cultivate my own, my first couple attempts havent been going so great so i was hoping you guys could give me advice on what to do to successfully give fruit flies i do this in one container...
  16. General Health & Disease Treatment
    So I dumped some of my springtails into my viv and noticed along with the springs were some small moving black dots (mites) is this bad? Should I toss the spring culture? I searched this forum already seemed people had different views...some said no big deal frogs will eat them some said to take...
  17. Food & Feeding
    I had a bad mite problem which I got relatively under control, not completely. I still have some in my cultures but not enough to halt the melano production. I was wondering in anyone has tried the tedion solution you add to the cultures. And if so did it work?
  18. Food & Feeding
    Crap. Are these what I think they are? Uploaded with
1-18 of 18 Results