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  1. Food & Feeding
    So, I have been culturing bean beetles for a few months now. I purchased the cultures though a large vendor were all familiar with. They came in with mites and I have been unable to rid the cultures of them. They are small, white, and barely if ever move to the naked eye. But I know they do...
  2. Food & Feeding
    There are many threads referring to grain mites and other types of mites. I read so many of them and still have a few questions. A little background: I had a shoebox sized meal worm culture going that overnight erupted with grain mites. They are tiny white mites. the areas around the culture is...
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  5. General Health & Disease Treatment
    Wasn't sure where to post things, seemed this was the best section. Don't have PDF's just red eyes, but I'm sure its all the same when it comes to mites pests and health and extermination. Went to check up on the frogs, saw extremely small mite looking bugs crawling all over a piece of wood and...