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  1. Plants
    Maybe Antone, Bonnie, Devin or Aspidites can jump in on this one: I have been trying to grow old world melastomes, specifically Medinilla sedifolia and Pachycentria glauca. I grow them mounted on tree fern with a little NZ sphagnum, in a covered vivarium. Always the same pattern: they grow...
  2. Plants
    Has anyone done a terrarium with a tree or shrub in it? I have several Medinilla myriantha seedlings, and I want to put them in a terrarium. I don't, however, want to put them in a setup that they will outgrow. Without doing a true bonsai, does anyone have recommendations concerning light...
  3. Plants
    I recently germinated some seeds, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with the species?
1-3 of 3 Results