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  1. Dendrobates
    Just excited for these new adults. "no, no pictures please" Sitting in front of a fog stream Getting cozy magnetic caves aren't just for arboreal frogs ** note they are in a 12" tall cage - the cave goes from floor to ceiling ** Thanks for looking! - Jen
  2. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    We have an ever growing frog room here at the LLL breeding center, and I just wanted to share a couple pics from the tanks here. Also including a few pics from my "desk cage" with campana auratus :) We've experimented with a few options in cage decor. We use foggers on all of the cages, and I...
  3. West
    Ready to hear who wins the free trip for 2 to NARBC Tinley THIS October?? If you're in Southern California, come on down to LLLReptile Oceanside to see the winner drawn LIVE at 7:30 pm! Not local? No problem! Click here to see the drawing streamed LIVE - that's at 7:30 pm, PST! We'll be...
  4. SouthWest
    Just wanted to share a few of my favorite pics from the Grand Opening at our new Oceanside store last weekend! I brought my male Blue Tongue Skink, Bandersnatch, to hang out with everyone both days: Not everyone loved him...this kid eventually warmed up, though! We walked around with...
1-4 of 17 Results