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  1. Beginner Discussion
    Hi all, So I’m planning on getting some thumbnails for a 75gallon aquarium I converted with a custom lid. I’m wondering, what is the smallest hole one of these guys could escape through? I have a slit running along one edge of a custom lid that’s about an 1/8” opening, I’m thinking I need to...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Hello! I debated popping this on the parts/construction forum vs beginners but lets see how this plays out. 36x18x24 exo-terra terrarium that I am starting to get my build ready for. It has a screen lid, and my house is always low humidity so I am anticipating needing to do something to keep...
  3. Parts & Construction
    Hey guys I've been working on my first all custom tank, had my glass cut and silicone it all together, 36L,18W,24T, I have the background up and false bottom in and have it a road block at constructing the lid. I've done some searching online but haven't been able to come up with what I want...
1-3 of 3 Results