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  1. Identification Forum
    So I originally purchased this plant as Ficus sp. 'Panama' or 'Lance Leaf' but recently seen this add on ebay. so my question being which is the correct name for this plant? Here are some more...
  2. Science & Conservation
    Hi Everyone, Please have a look at, the website of the first of what will soon be many international SAVE THE FROGS! branches. Your support will go a long way toward protecting amphibians in one of the world's poorest and most exploited regions. Thanks, Kerry...
  3. General Discussion
    ATTENTION!!!! I just wanted to say that I had a pair of Blue Jeans go missing at the meet. I realize that this was probably an accident but please send them back to me. We have someone who saw you take them and didnt think anything about it until I reported them missing. I am holding no hard...
1-3 of 5 Results