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  1. General Discussion
    I’ve came across conflicting information, I would like to add some large isopods, such as zebras, dairy cows, or powdered oranges into my viv that currently houses thumbnail frogs I’ve read that the isopods can hurt them, versus they’ll be fine
  2. General Discussion
    For instance, if I wanted dwarf whites, dairy cows, etc all in the same viv? I wasn't sure how that worked exactly.
  3. Blog
    I am trying to make the best isopod substrate and I would like some feedback and maybe even tips or pointers. Thanks!
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Could I have killed my springtails and isopods by accident? I set up the substrate with leaf litter and sphagnum moss and put a whole box of dwarf Isos and two boxes of springtails in. They were doing fine. But the liner fleece looked ugly, so I removed the whole substrate and put it into a...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    Hello everyone hope all is going well, have a question about isopods, my dwarf white isopods are thriving, and now I’m thinking about getting some different types of isopod as well for my Tinctorious/Phyllobates, any one got any recommendations what kind of isopods are your favorite? Thanks, Mikey
  6. Identification Forum
    Hey everyone. I had a few questions about things I've seen crawling in my spring and iso cultures, I did my best to get some photos. In all the springtail pictures, the big white blobs are yeast granules because I cleverly just fed them right before photo time. First of all, I'm pretty sure...
  7. Beginner Discussion
    Hi! I'm a beginner in the hobby, or maybe not even that, as I don't yet have frogs. I have been planning a vivarium for years and just now got around to building it. It's not completely finished and definitely needs time to settle before I add frogs anyway, but I'm very excited to do so in maybe...
  8. Food & Feeding
    I've never attempted to culture isopods before so I'm very new to all their ins and outs. Over the past few days several have died due to what I think is failed molting (they appear half white, half normal). Is this a normal thing that just happens a lot or could there be something I'm doing/not...
  9. Food & Feeding
    Hello all, Nick here and I was wondering about isopods. I recently procured a couple groups of isopods and was wondering how long it will take for my cultures to grow. I have about 16 P. Laevis, 5 A. Maculatum, and 6 P. Scaber "calico". they are all in different tubs naturally. Thanks!
  10. Beginner Discussion
    Hi everybody. I'm brand new here. I just found these guys in my dwarf purple isopod culture. These worms are super small, kind of white/translucent, and they are pretty wiggly. Are these nematodes, or the dreaded nemerteans? Sorry for the bad quality video. I got as close as I could. Thanks...
  11. Food & Feeding
    Hey all, does anyone know where I can purchase red isopods? I recently discovered that there was some native to the UK known as Rosy Isopods or Androniscus dentiger. There is apparently a population close to where I live but I'm not having much luck finding any (possibly due to it being winter)...
  12. New Members Introductions
    Because I am a silly goose and posted this as a response in someone else's thread. This reminds me of a question I have been trying to research. Will the bacteria in Mosquito Dunks/Bits (which also kill Fungus Gnat larva, making it one of the best ways to kill Fungus Gnats) harm Springtails or...
  13. Parts & Construction
    Hi, I didn't quite see any posts like this anywhere. I started cultivating plants in an old tank, green onions, peppermint, aloe, cilantro.... I heard the benefits of a bioactive substrate and threw some isos n springos in there. I have MiracleGro peat moss and organic soil with worm castings...
  14. Food & Feeding
    Is anyone working with species <5mm other than the dwarf whites, dwarf purples, and dwarf striped grays?
  15. SouthWest
    I am in really big need for dwarf isopods in the D/FW area. I'm trying to seed my vivarium with isos this week before I'm out of town for the majority of the month. I was hoping someone in the Dallas/Ft worth area could hook me up with some dwarf isopods, preferably the dwarf purples but at this...
1-15 of 42 Results