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  1. Parts & Construction
    I've got a giant vivarium I'm making, not for frogs but I'm not certain which herp I'm going to put in it, either. Anyway, I'm planning to build an "island" in it, or two connected islands, and the frame of those islands is going to be made of several rectangular blocks of eggcrate covered in...
  2. Parts & Construction
    Island Paludarium 360° A to Z - 185 Gal - 40" x 40" x 28" Good day to Europe, I am French more precisely, i'm 26 (in advance thank you to forgive me for my English aproximatif, I use an online translator). :rolleyes: I developed a certain passion for the world of paludariums, I love to imagine...
  3. Parts & Construction
    Hi, I'm new to the forum but not building vivariums. I just built a 32 gallon vert for my crested gecko, Kanji :) and i love it. I wanted to expand to tree frogs. I have a huge tank for RETFs (my tank is 48x18x25.5). I was looking for a semi paludarium feel, no fish. I wanted the center to be...
1-3 of 3 Results