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  1. New Members Introductions
    Hello, long time lurker, finally decided to join the community and interact. My name is Tony. Currently have a few bumble bee dart frogs. Figured I would show you all my brand new tank too. It is a 250 gallon tank fully planted. Just finished building it yesterday so I'm gonna wait a few weeks...
  2. New Members Introductions
    New to the hobby. I'm working out my sourcing of plants and such now. I am taking it slow and cautiously before i attempt to stock a terrarium. I will be following but looking to make amendments depending on the species to be stocked. I arrived here with wanting to make a set up with orchids...
  3. New Members Introductions
    Just joined the forum. I've been day dreaming about a DF viv for quite a while now, and my wife gave me the go-ahead for Christmas this year. No species or plants selected just yet, my wife got an aquarium and a bunch of herp supplies, and I've been doing my research (best part, right?). I'd...
1-3 of 3 Results