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  1. Beginner Discussion
    Also known as Buffalo beetles. Anyone know anything about these? I recently started trying to culture these, but they seem to be just dying. I've got them set up like mealworms. About an inch and a half deep mix of cracked wheat and cricket diet. Half an apple on top for water. I dripped in a...
  2. Food & Feeding
    Hello all, Nick here and I was wondering about isopods. I recently procured a couple groups of isopods and was wondering how long it will take for my cultures to grow. I have about 16 P. Laevis, 5 A. Maculatum, and 6 P. Scaber "calico". they are all in different tubs naturally. Thanks!
  3. SouthEast
    My usual venders are all out of cleanup crews and I'm starting a new tank this week, does anyone have a link to buy (excluding the sponsors link). Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 5 Results