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  1. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    My ranitomeya imitator FINALLY laid eggs! I was stoked!!!! but unfortunately, they were duds =( So i decided next time around, I'll let the parents, be parents. I wasn't checking for eggs aggressively. So last week, when I was feeding them, I checked my bromeliads, my small water bowl, and film...
  2. Plants
    I've been picking plants for my upcoming 20 vert, and what I'd really like to put in there is an assortment of Central/South American orchids, a couple of neoregelia broms and some ground cover. However, I know little about taking care of orchids. What do I need to know? What species would do...
  3. Beginner Discussion
    So I understand that male/male and female/female pairs can lead to agression in imitators but I see several people that keep them in trios without much problem if any. What does the trio change if anything? I have read some of Doug/Pumilo's suggestions on how to set up a tank to keep imis are a...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    I already have a buff colored viv and I'm wondering what color should I make my new one that will make my frogs colors pop. Leaning towards black but I'm kinda thinking it'll look fake. If you have pics of a viv with black background post it for me please. Maybe a really dark brown? Frogs I'm...
  5. Beginner Discussion
    After a year of keeping P.Vittatus and Powder Blue Tincs (different vivs), I am finally ready for some thumbnail darts. I don't mind the calling at all, I just don't want any that are WAY TOO LOUD. I want to know are there any thumbs that their calls can be quieted (not completely) by the...
  6. General Discussion
    Just got this pair the other day they are pretty sweet.
1-6 of 10 Results