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  1. Identification Forum
    I have several d. tinctorus "cobalt" dart frogs. Recently i got more d. tinct "cobalts" from someone else, vivarium and all. However, one of them looks different from the others. I took the odd one out and put her into another container to take pictures of her. Right after i did so, she laid...
  2. General Discussion
    So I originally made a post asking about these orange mites in my terrarium, and today I found out they are small orange spiders, since there are now webs on the terrarium floor and I even saw one catch a spring tail. they are very small, and their back half is larger than the front. I am from...
  3. Plants
    Hi guys, with your help I finished my 18 cubed vivarium. I am now starting to get it established with plants. Fortunately my friend has a bonsai Nursery stocked with all kinds of rare and unusual plants which she gave me to stock this viv, which are all thriving except this Begonia. Can you...
  4. Plants
    I am a teacher and set up a planted aquatic tank in my classroom. We also have a small Sawback Turtle in there so there is driftwood exposed above water. I need to create a natural barrier so the little guy can't climb up the log. At a local store, we found some plant ideas we'd like to use...
  5. Plants
    I recently went on vacation for a few weeks and when I came back I had an over abundance of this white fungus mold looking stuff stuck all over my center piece of drift wood. Does anyone know what this is. Could it be a byproduct of the over abundance of mushrooms that have been springing up?
  6. Plants
    i was recently looking around in dendroboard about mosses and found out that it can be ok to get outside moss and plant in a vivarium as long as you sterilize it by drying it and CO2 bombing it. they're is a creek by my house with tons of patches of moss and decided to get samples of them. the...
  7. Identification Forum
  8. Plants
    This moss grows in various places around my lawn in WI. The picture with spore stalks was taken in April, and the other in June. I thought it was really pretty but I can't identify it.
1-8 of 8 Results