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  1. Identification Forum
    I live in Massachusetts against the boarder of New Hampshire; it's often I go herping for fun locally as it's covered with marshes and grasslands. I'm very used to most species of amphibians I see in my area, however I've picked up three Toadlings out of curiosity to ID them. My best guess so...
  2. Plants
    Hey guys! First time posting in awhile — in 2019, I pared down my collection significantly and "left" the hobby due to some life event stuff, but it's 2022 and I'm ready to rebuild nice vivariums for my remaining buddies. I was checking on a plant bin, and noticed something that looked an...
  3. Dendrobates
    How in the name of all that is holy can one differentiate between Dendrobates tinctorius "Vanessa" and "Powder Grey". I know there's got to be some kind of defining characteristic I'm missing, but for the life of me I can't figure it out. As always, Google has thoroughly let me down.
  4. Plants
    Hello! I have a few plants that I got without identification. I wanna know what they are so I take care of them properly, specifically a fern that I have ( after googling I think it’s a Phymatosorus pustulatus but it could be a million others) it gives off a sweet scent but it’s not a sweet fern.
  5. Identification Forum
    I woke up and saw a mushroom had sprouted in my vivarium overnight. This hasn't happened to me before and after some searching decided to ask if anyone here could tell me if it's toxic to my crested gecko or not (I do plan on getting a dart frog at some point)...
  6. Identification Forum
    Hi new to this board, have had this frog since the beginning of the year now so it's about 10/11 months old and am looking at pairing it up but am not sure if it's a male or female can anybody help? Thanks.
  7. Plants
    Hey peeps, so a couple week ago I went to a local nursery and snagged up a bunch of terrarium/miniature plants they had. most of them I was able to ID, but I've attached a few that I'm not entirely familiar with (and, more importantly, if they are vivarium safe!). The following link is a...
  8. Plants
    Hi all, so I think this is my first ever thread and im afraid its going to be a bit boring, sorry. I live very far up north in sunny Scotland (any Scots here?) and recently went and gathered a few small samples of moss growing around my local area. Now. I am in no way shape or form a botanist so...
  9. Parts & Construction
    Now this might be a weird thing to ask, but... anyone know what kind of wood this is? I got it at a chain pet store as "driftwood". All Living Things brand... it's heavy and sinks in water. Front Back Close up of back texture After reading about how Grape wood will mold away in moist...
  10. Plants
    Had a few random plants pop up, was hoping to get a better idea of what they may be even though they're still small. This one popped up in some sphag moss, was intrigued by the white look of the cotyledon leaves.. I know it's probably too early to tell what it is. Was thinking this is...
  11. Identification Forum
    I am rather new to the world of dart frogs and as such I have only recently acquired my new frogs. I have the hardest time identifying the different black and green Auratus and because of this difficulty I believe that I have made a mistake. Clearly, I have two very different shades of green...
  12. Plants
    I'm usually pretty go about not impulse buying anything.. but yesterday I saw an Alocasia (no breed/sub species within the family name given- Label just says "Alocasia Alocasia") that looked very healthy... so I grabbed it >.>'' Now if I can get help IDing it.. we'll see how much buyers remorse...
  13. Identification Forum
    Any ideas? Was thinking Microspot but I've never seen one so "green and black"?
  14. Plants
    I recently went on vacation for a few weeks and when I came back I had an over abundance of this white fungus mold looking stuff stuck all over my center piece of drift wood. Does anyone know what this is. Could it be a byproduct of the over abundance of mushrooms that have been springing up?
  15. Plants
    This neat little guy grew from seed right out of the sheath of some brom leaves! Hard to see in the pic but it has tiny cream colored flowers along the stems. Any ideas?
  16. Plants
    I won this plant at an auction about 2 years ago and don't remember what it is, also, does anyone know if I can put a clipping of it in a viv as long as I cut it back? Also, the blue thing in the middle is an aquaglobe(it releases water as the soil dries)
  17. Plants
    Hi Everyone, I bought these broms recently, but didn't record what they were. I think they're all neoregelieas of one sort or another, so I presume I should grow them mounted. But the vendor mentioned that at least one was terrestrial. The question is which one? Anyone knows their broms well...
1-17 of 17 Results