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    I have noticed when I post pictures on here I am posting them as big as they are allowed to be but for some reason my pictures are really small compared to the other pictures people are posting. Is there something I can do differently.
  2. Parts & Construction
    I have done 1 Vivarium in the past and now that I am starting my second I thought I would track the progress and get any input or ideas from anyone that viewed this. With this only being my second full vivarium I thought maybe I could learn something and maybe it can give other people ideas. I...
  3. Parts & Construction
    We have finished uploading our HD video tutorial of 'How to Build A Vertical Dart Frog Vivarium." We tried to do a comprehensive step by step guide to walk you through the full process we use at AAAfrogs. We hope this will be a great reference that the experienced hobbyists can supply to...