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  1. Plants
    I wasn't able to find if this had ever been shown specifically not to work, but I don't think I've seen anyone post about it. I put a cutting of Philo. scandens in an old, very large hardware store-bought bromeliad several days ago, and I was surprised to find that it hasn't withered yet. I...
  2. Plants
    Hello. I am doing timelapses of mosses growing for a project. As mosses are sensitive to changes in moisture levels, I am trying to find a way to keep the relative humidity in the grow chamber steady over the weeks or months that will be needed to do the shots. I also have to keep the air moving...
  3. Plants
    I see that live oak is probably the most recommended leaf litter, but I was under the impression that oak tannins would kill plants. I know this is true around where I live - nothing grows where oak leaves are. Why isn't this the case in vivariums? Sorry if this has already been answered, by...
  4. Plants
    Hello everyone! I bought and received java moss from Brian's Tropicals about a week ago, and I was just wondering how long does it usually take on average for it to start taking effect, and some sign of growth occuring. My first time with any aquatic moss.
  5. Science & Conservation
    Has anyone notice in the past couple of years poor quality frogs being offered for sale, here and elsewhere? Frogs that mature undersize and (or) with poor color. I have. I believe this is a function of people keeping these animals in subpar conditions and mainly attributable to 1) poor...
1-5 of 5 Results