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  1. Plants
    Whats up, guys, So I just ordered like 12 plants (10 anthuriums and 2 philos) from ecuagenera and im so excited bc this is my first time growing aroids out side of a terrarium. I've heard the plants ship in their pots and if so I want to see if I can meet the care requirements necessary I live...
  2. Plants
    Just thought I would post a thread about the success I am having with the bromeliads I received about 2 months ago. Some of you know we have a project going on called The Rainforest Exhibit. we are building a large indoor rainforest vivarium in the largest Amphibious Aquarium ever made by...
  3. Beginner Discussion
    Hello all - I am new around here and wanted to introduce myself. I live in Minnesota, where it's Canada cold in the winter and Georgia hot and sticky in the summer. I am not actively keeping frogs at this point, but I have in the past kept Dendrobates auratus, D. leucomelas, and Oophaga...
1-3 of 3 Results