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  1. NorthEast
    For anyone around Thanksgiving weekend: On Saturday November 24th, Ben Paternoster from the LI Gesneriad Society will talk on how to grow hanging plants under lights. Learn how to grow healthy Columneas, Nematanthus and Aeschynanthus. Grow for display, show or to prop. We will also have a...
  2. NorthEast
    I'd like to invite anyone in the NYC area to a talk on "Gesneriads in the Wild," It will be a slide talk narrated by Ron Myhr (he who does the gesneriad reference web). It is also our annual bake sale--and our members sure can bake! Greater New York Gesneriad Society November Meeting When...
  3. Plants
    I just picked up a bunch of cuttings of some various Gesnerids such as Aeschynanthus, Codonanthe, Columnea and Nematanthus. They are all the commonly grown houseplant species so i guess they should go well in a viv but just wondering are they all best grown as an epiphyte? They are all...
1-3 of 3 Results