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  1. Beginner Discussion
    I make 10 cultures weekly, my home made ingredients consist of Potato Flakes Powder Milk Powder Sugar Cinnamon Water Apple Cider Vinegar Early on my cinnamon was added in small amounts to each cup, but I noticed mold after about 2 weeks. I then started adding more Cinnamon to my cultures to...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    So, I just made my first fruit fly culture using joshs frogs fruit fly culture kit. I realized though that some of my fruit flies.. I guess drowned :( they are dead in the media. Is this usual? Is there a way to prevent this? Loop
  3. Food & Feeding
    Hi. I am raising flightless fruit flies. I am using a recipe I got from this forum (potatoe flakes, nutritional yeast, spirulina, etc). I am wanting to separate the larvae from the goopy medium for a timelapse photography project. I've tried using fine cheese cloth thinking that the medium...
  4. Food & Feeding
    I have a group of three Fine Spot Leucs, two females and a male. Over the course of several months of observation, one female hadn't been eating and growing as much alongside her very eager tank mates. I decided that it's not an aggression situation with the other frogs, she simply doesn't track...
  5. Parts & Construction
    I own and use zoomeds. I know for a fact that ff's escape through the cracks of the door. I am doing 2 builds, 1 for a family member and one for a friend. Their tanks are exos. My questions are; 1. Can the ff's escape thru the top screen? (Glass cover doesn't cover it all) so if they can...
  6. Food & Feeding
    I searched through a few other threads but I could not find one that had the same phenomena I am experiencing (though I suspect it may be something common). The last three Drosophila cultures over a month plus have failed to produce a significant amount of adult flies. I have found the surface...
  7. Food & Feeding
    So, the # of Fruit Fly cultures we've been making has had to keep up with the # of Frogs, froglets, and tanks we have. Here in Colorado, our humidity usually hovers around the teens at best. We have to literally mist the inside of our cultures when feeding from them, in order to extend their...
  8. Food & Feeding
    I was thinking if I put some vitamin D and calcium into my fruit fly media that they might have more vitamin sin them. I know fruit flies cant sustain a lot of vitamins and that they usually come from dusting but I was wondering if this would do anything for the frogs?
  9. Food & Feeding
    i got tired of buying the fruit flies cause they're pretty expensive and what not so ive been trying to cultivate my own, my first couple attempts havent been going so great so i was hoping you guys could give me advice on what to do to successfully give fruit flies i do this in one container...
  10. Food & Feeding
    I have been raising my own fly cultures for years but have never mixed up my own media for production. Some of the recipes use brewer's yeast, it seems to be in large portions, also have noticed some mentioning active brewer's yeast. What is best active or non active? Thanks, M
1-10 of 15 Results