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  1. Beginner Discussion
    I am so bloody confused y'all. I have heard on one side that quality (Josh's frogs) grade spaghnum is completely fine to use for grow out tanks, while on the other hand I've heard that in three or so weeks you could see massive die offs because of lack of oxygen or something like that. What are...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have three Varadero thumbnail froglets in a growout enclosure. They're about 3 months old, and theyre doing great! I'd like to do some maintenance on their display tank before I put them in, so I have to relocate the adult parents. The growout enclosure is a shoebox sized...
  3. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    I have a pumilio 'saltcreek' tad that is at morphing stage- just a bit of tail left. Was doing fine until a few days ago and didn't look quite right. Took pics and posted them on fb frog groups, and consensus is that it is bloat. I've since increased flushing out canisters with tad tea...
  4. Beginner Discussion
    Is this acceptable? and if so, at what age should I separate them? Thanks in advance.
  5. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    Hi! I want to show an experience that I have, some days ago I got a froglet of D. auratus "Panam" that had 25 days of getting out of the water but it was very skinny. So I put it into a container and give some springtails (In Mexico we call them "Colembolos") and some larvae of melanogaster, so...
  6. Beginner Discussion
    Hello, I walked into my office today and went to look at my leuc tank and to my surprise I found a tiny leuc staring back at me. I knew I had a probable pair but didn't think they were actively breeding. Guess I was wrong. I have pulled the leuc for now as I am not sure if it is big enough...
  7. Other frogs
    Howdy fellow frog enthusiasts, I've been raising a bunch of Ptychadena porosissima tadpoles for almost three months now. I just wanted to post some pictures of the froglets, and to ask if anyone would like to proffer some suggestions as to enclosure size, setup, etc. Needless to say, the frogs...
  8. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I made a video with some explanation of our setup, feel free to leave any questions here. :) Breeding poison dart frogs: grow-out tanks - YouTube
  9. Beginner Discussion
    Hey guys. I don't know if this has been posted before, but here we go. A couple months ago I bought some tadpoles from a show. They were cobalts and a bicolor. I morphed them out, and now I'm wondering if it still is a bicolor. Here's a pic: (Top is "bicolor" bottom is cobalt.) Do you think...
  10. Member's Frogs & Vivariums
    I finally have my first froglet! He was the very first to hatch out of the egg! His 15 siblings are well on their way though! Here's pictures I took while moving him to his new tank! I'm so excited I just had to share! He/She is SO CUTE! :D
  11. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I know I've seen a few people warning not to toss a frog you think is dead right away, but this one surprised me. I have a breeding pair, and I keep new frogs in a container for a few months, meanwhile the latest batch of nearly done morphing frogs get put into the container in a half-pint...
  12. General Health & Disease Treatment
    I need some suggestions. I acquired two Azureus froglets that were probably 4-5 weeks out of water. I got them from a local breeder and drove them home. the trip was only 15 minutes. I put them in a quarantine tank, which is just a plastic sweater box with coco fiber, leaf litter, and a coco...
  13. Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles
    I'm designing a natural viv for some baby froglets (darts) I might get in the future and was wondering how much water area I should give them. How do your tanks look/what do you use as decoration? Any help would be appreciated I'm new to darts and looking to learn :)
1-13 of 16 Results