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  1. Plants
    So i decided I wanted some green on my desk and got a 12x12x12 exo-terra to become a plant only, and maybe an emergency froglet grow out tank. I pretty sure i want macgravia and moss on the walls, but i wanted some recommendations on small pretty foliage/flower plants and maybe an orchid or 2...
  2. Plants
    Here's a few photos of some of my favorite Begonia species I have. All of these are highly tropical species. Begonia Baramensis Begonia sp "Green" I suspect that this is the same species as Begonia Ferox but just a color variant. Begonia Lichenora Begonia Muara Wahau Begonia...
  3. Plants
    Since there is such a successful thread dealing with flowers, I thought a thread on foliage would be great too. Since flowers are so fleeting, a lot of the look of the vivarium relies more on the shape, color and patterns of the plants themselves. Hopefully, this will be a successful thread...
1-3 of 3 Results