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foam background

  1. Parts & Construction
    My first post... I am looking for advice on an upcoming build regarding the use of Great Stuff Foam. Possible future home for eastern red spotted newts. Tank is 29g (30x12x18), water depth is 3-5”. Drip wall (either continuous or on a timer) on all 3 walls. Egg crate will be glued to glass (back...
  2. Beginner Discussion
    Would great stuff foam background get destroyed if one small spot that had been carved didn't get covered with silicone and substrate ?
  3. Parts & Construction
    Hey guys, I hope I'm putting this in a good spot, this is my first post on here. I'm currently converting a 40 breeder into a vertical vivarium, tall ways (so 36 high), and working on my hardscape. I have a bunch of small foamular insulatuon pieces that ive carved and painted with drylok to look...
  4. Parts & Construction
    Hey, I've decided that I needed another hobby that could potentially end up ruining me financially and emotionally. So I bought myself a terrarium with the intention of constructing a water feature with plants etc. Maybe someday I will add a critter but at this stage the priority is to build a...
  5. Parts & Construction
    Hi. I am planning on making an expanding foam background for the D. Auratus terrarium I am working on. I am also planning on adding a drip waterfall that runs off into a small creek. Any tips on how this can be done? -Liam