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    I have this one Korean rock fern in my 60 gallon vivarium that I'm absolutely in love with. The problem is, it has quickly become cramped between the log it is attached to and the front wall of the vivarium. I want to take it out and replant it, however I cannot find any information online about...
  2. Plants
    Hello! I have a few plants that I got without identification. I wanna know what they are so I take care of them properly, specifically a fern that I have ( after googling I think it’s a Phymatosorus pustulatus but it could be a million others) it gives off a sweet scent but it’s not a sweet fern.
  3. Plants
    I was once told at a plant nursery that all ferns are mountable on hardscape if given enough water. Have any of you found this true or not true?
  4. Plants
    I'm relatively new to filmy ferns (~1 year) and have had only marginal success. I'd like to start a discussion about the parameters in which you grow your Hymenophyllums. I have an unidentified species of Hymenophyllum I acquired from Chuck and have been keeping it under the following...
  5. Plants
    Hey everyone, I have the worst luck with ferns. It seems that every time I put one in my tanks it dies overnight. I put both a korean rock fern and a lemon button fern into my new 15 gallon vert and within 1 day both had turned completely brown. I know ferns sometimes die back and then start...
  6. Identification Forum
    Hey Guys, I've been trying to identify a lant that appears in Jerry G. Walls book, Jewels of the rainforest for YEARS. It appears on page 68 and 80. I think it is either a species of fern or mos, or some other epiphyte. I would love to get ahold of some of this. I've never seen it appear in...
  7. Plants
    guys i have a question regarding both of the mentioned plants. really new in this area (vivarium plants) how should i spray the ferns? just mist the leafy area will do or should i mist the coco peat it's sitting on once a day? 2nd question.. is this lighting enough for both the birds nest...